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Different Ways To Educate Your Child With Home Automation

With Just an Ipad It’s time for kids Yoga! – join Jaime Youtube channel and check the videos first to see if they are suitable for your kids. Go Noodle – it has lots of active videos and activities. They have a Youtube channel and an app. Toontastic – Kids make their own animated story on iPad. The Brain Pop Jr.  – an awesome app and has great weekly movies. With Just a Computer at Home: With just a computer,  access the browser to get your kids learn and explore Mars (this was put out by NASA) Access Mars with Curiosity – It’s time for kids Yoga! – join Jaime Youtube channel and check the videos first to see

Tomorrow’s World

We’re living through a period of intense tech development, but how will the next couple of decades change the way we live and work? What are the sorts of innovations that will change the way we live over the next couple of decades? In terms of the home, we are already starting to see a lot more human-centric architecture and we’ll see homes and workplaces built for humans to thrive in Homes Traditionally, up to 20, or even 10 years ago, we were building homes for form. They had three bedrooms, a lounge room, and a kitchen, but it really didn’t take into account the way in which individuals lived. Covid, especially, has really pushed this along, and rather than

How to Reduce Lighting Costs for Your Business

Lighting can account for 10–25% of your bill. For homes and businesses, it can be as high as 50%. There are ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use to light your business. Upgrading your lighting can: reduce your energy bill reduce maintenance costs improve safety and work conditions for your employees ower your business’ carbon footprint The figures on this page come from our Boosting Business Productivity program. We worked with more than 300 businesses to explore their energy use and minimise their energy cost. Measure your current lighting levels There’s an Australian standard (AS/NZ 1680.1:2006) that determines what illuminance light levels are required in certain work areas. To measure your current light levels, hire or purchase

5 Things You Need to Know about Matter, the New Smart Home Standard

A common language for smart home devices to communicate, Matter aims to simplify everything about the smart home, from purchase, to set up, to everyday use. Its biggest promise is that it will enable smart devices to work with each other, across platforms and ecosystems, no matter who made them. But Matter hasn’t yet arrived — it’s now expected to launch in mid-2022 — making it hard to determine how it will work in your home and what it will allow you to do that isn’t easy or even possible today. Which platforms will work with Matter? The four big smart home platforms, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings, have all committed to supporting Matter, which means

How to Choose The Best Smoke Alarm for Your Home or Business

Many online websites sell smoke alarms for as little as $20 these days. While these rock bottom rates are tempting for consumers, is it worth risking your safety to save a small sum of cash? The truth is, these cut-price smoke alarms don’t perform as well as the established, trusted brands from reputable smoke alarm suppliers and this substandard performance could cost the life of a loved one someday. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Is it Worth Investing in a High-Quality Smoke Alarm? At most, you’ll pay around $100 more for a high-quality smoke alarm from a trusted brand than you would for a cheap, no-name option. As you’ll only need to replace the unit every ten years, that works out to be

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Are you thinking it may be time to add some more ceiling fans around? Great idea! Ceiling fans are an overlooked part of many homes and businesses. Whether they are being used in summer or winter, they serve more than one purpose. To help you figure out which options are best for your needs, we have collated all the important information for your reference. If you need a little more help, give us a call on 1300 522 464 we would be more than happy to assist with your ceiling fan installation What is a ceiling fan? A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan mounted on the ceiling of a room or space, usually electrically powered, that uses hub-mounted rotating

Home Automation Ideas: How People Using Home Automation to Make Life Easier

Do you need some inspirations on what to do with a home automation? Check out how these people are using it to make their life easier. Jodie As a 34-year old professional nurse, I am a bit of an introvert. I have one close friend but we live far apart. To make up for it, my parents got me the perfect gift; they bought me a smart house! It has everything from lights that turn on automatically at certain times to doors that lock and unlock themselves when you’re away or near them. But this isn’t just any ordinary house – it’s connected to all sorts of technology which is what makes it so special. My mom can use her

What Cables do I Need to Prepare at My House to be Smart Home?

We regularly find ourselves replacing the ‘wrong’ devices/products and replacing these with a well designed and planned approach. We are called to change these because the customer has usually received poor information or just based their decision on the first and cheapest smart product they have seen. Unfortunately, this exercise costs the client money in wasted time and equipment. As Home automation electricians and integrators, the best advice is to work from the desired end result or solution, as what you would like your home to do. Consider how it should feel and function, visualise the the end result. You have to start with the system that you are going to use for your home automation. You will only require

Light and Psychology

Brightness, Saturation and Hue These are the three main qualities of light in relation to color. Brightness is the amount of light given off by a light source, usually expressed in lumens or lux. Some studies have shown that brighter light can intensify emotions, while low light doesn’t remove emotions, but keeps them steady. This can lead to people having the ability to make more rational decisions in low light and find it easier to agree with others in negotiation. Saturation is the intensity of a color. More saturated hues can have amplifying effects on emotions, while muted colors can dampen emotions. In art, saturation is defined on a scale from pure color (100% [fully saturated]) to grey (0%). In

5 Ways to Use Voice Control

Smart home is a growing trend – in particular, voice control and smart speakers have seen a steady increase in popularity since they first went mainstream roughly six years ago. In fact, according to a recent study from FutureSource Consulting, who analyzed the purchase journey of consumers new to smart home devices (beginners with 1-2 devices), 43 percent had smart speakers. But if you’re one of the growing number of people who own a smart speaker or voice-assistant enabled device, are you getting the most out of your tech? When you connect your favorite smart speaker to the rest of your smart home network, you can control your smart home devices (like smart lighting, smart locks, smart thermostats, and more)

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