Custom Lighting Solutions

We offer our professional advice, design and implementing of lighting solutions, focusing on restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, offices, retail stores and residential properties.

Canny Electrics utilise not only the most environmentally yet modern and efficient lighting products to suit your needs.


Lighting Management Solutions

We will identify areas of waste or a more comprehensive analysis which includes lighting automation and control.

We will produce a detailed cost-benefit report that will demonstrate why you need to implement our energy management solutions.

An energy saving audit will identify the best ways to reduce a building’s energy use which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save your money. Our audit will identify cost-effective opportunities to save energy where capital investment is outweighed by a much longer payback period.


Exit and Emergency Lighting Testing & Report

It is essential that the emergency lighting is installed, routinely inspected, regularly serviced and maintained by qualified electrical personnel.

We offer a cost-effective way to ensure that the required tests are routinely performed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS2293 and the Building Codes of Australian’s requirements.

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