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Safety Checks



Electrical Switchboard Testing

It just makes sense to give your electrical wiring and switchboard an annual check-up

You may be a homeowner who simply wants to keep your property protected and your family safe. You may be the landlord of a residential, commercial or industrial space who
has a legal obligation to tenants to keep rental premises in a ‘good state of repair’.

Either way, having Canny Electrics conduct a thorough annual maintenance check is the best way of ensuring that wiring and switchboards remain in safe, reliable working order; and that any potential electrical hazard is identified and rectified before it ever has the chance to cause a catastrophic event that destroys property, threatens lives or leaves anyone open to liability.

Our electrical wiring & switchboard safety check test includes ~
• A complete assessment of your existing electrical switchboard
• A full test of your Safety Switch (RCD)
• A full test & inspection of all light switches & electrical outlets
• A written report & photos to keep on file as evidence of regulatory compliance

Smoke Alarm Testing

Meeting your obligation to regularly test your property’s smoke alarms

It’s important for all Victorian homeowners and landlords of rental properties to realise that annual maintenance of all installed smoke alarms is now a mandatory requirement.

For the peace of mind of knowing that all the required tests are professionally performed in full compliance with current regulations, Canny Electrics has created a special safety check program. We invite you to take full advantage of it. So you can always be sure that if a fire breaks out and potentially deadly smoke starts silently circling, your alarms will send out a loud and timely alert. Without fail.

Our annual smoke alarm safety check test includes:

• A complete test of all smoke alarms within your property
• A full smoke triggering & detection test
• A thorough battery test & replacement
• A Smoke Alarm Inspection Certificate.
• A written Report & Photos to keep on file as evidence of regulatory compliance

Safety switch installations

From January 1, 2019 it will be compulsory for all residential properties to have a safety switch installed

New safety switch (RCD) regulations are to be introduced on January 1, 2019 which will affect all Victorian homeowners, landlords and estate agents.

It will become a mandatory legal requirement for every new and existing residential property to have an approved safety switch installed within its electrical switchboard; plus there will be an additional requirement for the safety switch to operate on all circuits ~ not just lighting and power as it has in the past.

To prepare for this important (and imminent) change, your best course of action is to call in Canny Electrics now to professionally assess your property’s current switchboard and wiring status; advise you on whether any further upgrades are necessary; and provide you with an accurate quote on getting your safety switch situation in order ~ and fully compliant with the new Wiring Rules (AS/NZS3000:2018).

Please Remember

Non-compliance will potentially render any insurance protection you have null & void ~ and leave you liable for any death or injury caused to any occupant or visitor to your premises through not having a proper safety switch installed.

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