Home Automation for Architects and Interior Designers

Home automation and smart home technology are becoming an integral part of the homes and lifestyles of millions of Australians. According to Researchandmarkets.com, nearly 6.3 million Australian homeowners have at least one smart home tech item in their home.

Expectations are rising amongst Australian clients who want smart technology integration in every aspect of their home to enhance their lifestyle and comfort. Smart home lights, automated security, and voice assistance is no longer a novelty – it is becoming the norm.

We specialise in helping architects and interior designers in Melbourne to design and install in home automation systems in their new projects.

What Home Automation Benefits Can Enhance Your Interior Design or Architect Services


The benefits of home automation in Melbourne, which will enhance and improve your room and home designs in a variety of ways, include:

• Ensure that your design is state of the art and compatible with future smart home advancements.
• Increase the value of your project by including desirable, functional, and impressive elements in your interior or architectural design.
• Improve the energy efficiency and energy control capabilities of a room or building.
• Enhance the lifestyle of your clients by providing them with automated assistance in every part of their home.
• Save time and increase efficiency by integrating smart technology for homes from the initial stages of the project to ensure a bespoke and tailored solution.

Download the document below to find out how we can collaborate to offer a home automation solution for your clients.

What Home Automation Solutions Can Be Included in Your Next Interior Design or Architectural Project?

There are hundreds of different smart home devices available for Melbourne interior designers or architects to consider including in their plans, these include:
• Automated interior and exterior lighting.
• Smart home heating control.
• In home automation of doors, windows, shutters, and blinds.
• CCTV, security, and alarm smart technology.
• Automated entertainment and music systems.
• Swimming pool and spa automated controls.
• Smart appliances in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.
• Sprinkler automation and other exterior technologies.
• Your clients can monitor their homes with their smartphones from across the globe.

Our Melbourne home automation installers will be able to work with you through every aspect of your design and advise you on the best smart home technology for the space and your budget.

How Canny Electrics Can Help You Improve Your Next Project

1. Bespoke Home Smart Technology Solutions Which Are Specially Integrated with Your Design

Some interior designers and architects will wait until their project is nearly completed before thinking about smart home installation. Our team can work with you from the get-go, to ensure that technology and devices are perfectly integrated with the space you are creating.

2. Dedicated, Specialised Smart Home Technology Providers in Melbourne

We are Australia’s home automation experts and will use out years of expertise to create a tailored solution for your design in Melbourne. Crafting a seamless, communicative, and high-functioning smart technology system can be a difficult task, our experts will take over this aspect and provide you with the perfect solution.

3. We Use Only the Very Best. State of the Art Technology

Your clients only want the absolute best for their home, and we make sure that all the smart technology devices we source are of the highest possible quality. Our suppliers are the best in the business and includes Fibaro, the industry leader of high-quality home automation manufacturing.

4. First Class Support Through Every Stage of Your Project

From the initial design stage to possible repairs, or enhancements – our smart home experts will be able to provide you with the best support and advice at every stage. We will help you to create a smart home in Melbourne which can be integrated with new technologies and developments.

5. Our Home Automation Installations Will Be on Time and On Budget

With years of experience in Melbourne home automation, our installers have the expertise to make sure your automated home designs are completed within your project timescale, and within your preferred budget.

Partner with Canny Electrics, Melbourne’s trusted home automation experts, and offer your clients the exceptional, future-ready living spaces they desire.

Contact us today at 1300 522 446 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can help you incorporate cutting-edge smart technology into your designs and provide a unique, tailored experience for your clients that sets you apart from the competition.

Let’s create extraordinary living spaces together.

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