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    If you are searching for “home automation Melbourne“, you are at the right page.

    Imagine your climate control heating or cooling system turning on automatically in your entire home even before you get home from work. And wouldn’t it be nice to have the light turn on by itself when you step in your doorway?

    Smart technology sure makes life easier and so much better with its various features. Thanks to companies providing home automation systems in Melbourne, your appliances and systems can work with a touch of a button, voice command or sensor.

    But this innovation is more than installing wireless technology on your property. It is also finding home automation solutions that suit your lifestyle.

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    3 Benefits of Installing Smart Home Automation Melbourne System


    Gone are the days when you have to turn off the lights, shut the blinds and check the door before you can go to bed. Nowadays, a quick “Hey Google, goodnight!” is all it takes to do all that. And if you need to go to the bathroom at night, no need to look for the switch when you have motion sensors installed.

    Energy Efficiency

    Installing home automation system in Melbourne is one of the best decisions you’ll make if you want to cut cost and save energy.
    Yes, you need to invest in smart home automation products and services. But in the long run, innovative technologies like remote lighting control or a smart thermostat can help be energy efficient.


    Instant alerts in case of a water leak, fire or break-in are crucial to most homeowners. With these notifications from the alarm systems, you can address emergencies remotely or even before you reach home.
    Live streaming home security system and security cameras also lets you check on your house anywhere and at any time. With the smart home system, we can reinforce our safety and peace of mind.

    Automate Your Home with Canny Electrics


    Canny Electrics is first-rate when it comes to home automation in Melbourne, Australia. Having serviced over thousands of Melbournians, our home automation experts have the experience and professional training to create your dream smart home living. Our happy customers in Melbourne can’t help but share their reviews online!

    One of our best assets is the use of trustworthy brands and smart home automation systems in the market.

    Whether you need a Z-Wave, Fibaro or Savant home automation system, you can rely on our team of home automation installers in Melbourne. With a full range of leading brands in Australian market and home automation products from the world’s leading manufacturers, we can create integrated wireless solutions that are efficient, fully scalable and future-ready.

    Smart Home Control We Offer

    We offer a comprehensive range of smart home control solutions to elevate your living experience. Our tailored systems are designed to provide convenience, security, and entertainment at your fingertips. The following list highlights just some of the offerings we provide.

    • Smart Home Systems
    • Smart Door Locks
    • CCTV & Security Cameras
    • Home Entertainment Systems
    • Multi Room Audio
    • Smart Video Doorbells
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Alarm Systems

    When implementing smart home automation systems in Melbourne, here’s how our experienced home automation team does it to create a smarter living experience.

    We start our work by determining your home automation needs. Here, our automation experts in Melbourne help out by explaining the smart home solutions we have for your dream home and how each can benefit you.

    After identifying your specific requirements, we then proceed to design your personalised smart home system. Our Melbourne home automation team will show you our top-notch and reliable solutions to achieve your desired results. The best part about these tailor-made home automation systems is that we get to balance needs with cost.

    Your ultimate convenience is our top priority. Once we are ready to start your smart home installation in Melbourne, we’ll assist you from start to end. If you’re constructing a new home, we can also work with your architect and builder to make the implementation of your automated home dream a seamless process.

    Our outstanding customer support and quality service do not stop at smart homes, though. Unlike other home automation companies, Canny Electrics assures you that this extends to our after-sales services for home owners. You can contact us 24/7, be it for annual maintenance, future upgrades, safety checks or troubleshooting. We offer a complete solution and a better quality service!


    If you need a smart technology company with a team of dedicated home automation Melbourne professionals and has in depth knowledge about smart home living, click the button below. Our home smart customer support is available 24/7.

    Home Automation Systems FAQs

    How much does it cost to automate a house?

    There is no set price for home automation technology as solutions vary from client to client. Customised smart home systems will largely depend on your specifications, needs and budget. However, you can start with a basic package at $3000 with the hub (the brain of the system) and functional lighting.

    These will give you six light switches (roughly $250 per light switch installed and automated), which can cover your entry light, hallway lights, dining area, kitchen and two bedrooms.

    Does home automation add value?

    Seasoned buyers often take home automation in Melbourne into consideration. While there is significant demand for residential properties in the city, smart home technologies will surely stand out and impress.

    It not only attracts more interested parties but also allows you to drive up the price. If you plan to automate your home, fast internet connection and security systems are definite priorities.

    Automated lighting and temperature control are also excellent add-ons. Buyers are likely to purchase homes with less installation work needed.

    How many devices can I control in my home?

    One controller unit can control up to 232 smart devices.

    My house is old. Can I upgrade to this system?

    Yes! We have adapted many old homes to have all the bells and whistles of automated technologies. However, you may need to do a bit of preparation work if your electrical system is not up to scratch.

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    After we get some information from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your project in further detail.

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