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How and why do we do what we do ?

Since starting our business, we have had a clear mission to change the way trades operate in Australia.

At Canny Electrics, we focus on the whole customer experience and what we want is TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL DIFFERENT and CREATE A MINDSET CHANGE.

We pride ourselves in 3 key aspects, communication, time and experience


Let’s begin with communication.

Don’t you love saying hello and then realising it is a machine telling you to press 1 for this or 2 for that, or perhaps you prefer being placed on hold, listening to some Celine DIIIIIon?

Communication is required to solve any problems or issues in any organisation. Two way communication becomes more effective and complete when both parties understand and share the message correctly and its intended meaning.

Imagine you are ordering your daily coffee soy decaf half-strength deconstructed latte.

In your head, you assume you will be given a large. But, instead, what appears in front of you is the opposite of a large. A small yet, vital detail was missing during this communication.

It’s essential to have open and transparent lines of communication to achieve excellence

Moving on to TIME

Imagine you have a booking and they tell you that we will be there between 7 am and 3 pm. Or, what if you have a blind date and he or she arrives late? How will that make you feel?

We have two possible futures when we set an appointment, book a class, or have lunch with a friend.

In the first, we follow the path of impeccability. Through being “on time,” we subconsciously remind ourselves of our power. We accumulate more personal power through the integrity of our word.

In the second, we follow the path of false generosity. It is “giving” too much time to ourselves or another in the prior engagement, such that we have to reschedule or show up late to the next appointment. It’s false generosity because it “feels” right (or generous) to stay a bit longer, to finish something else off, to sleep in a little, to hit snooze on the alarm.

But in reality, it’s not generous at all. Each time we do this, we send a signal to ourselves (and the others involved) that our word is less valuable and we diminish our personal power. Because personal power is our ability to create, produce or contribute, anything that diminishes personal power isn’t generous in the longer game.

For us, time is not money.

Time is respect and power, so we treat time as the most valuable commodity we all have.

Last but not least, EXPERIENCE.

Have you had a fantastic experience with bad memories thinking about it?

Imagine you are on vacation and having dinner at the best restaurant recommended. Perfect table. Food is exquisitely prepared. Wonderful wine. The experience is fantastic. However, the waiter spills some wine into your lap when clearing the table. The odds are that the wine spill will degrade your memory of the food and wine, no matter how exceptional you otherwise would have remembered them. And if the wine damages an expensive dress or suit, you may not remember the extraordinary dining experience at all.

At Canny Electrics, we focus on the whole customer experience from beginning to end. The only aim is to let the person who had the experience want to experience that again and share it with others.

From Canny Electrics, you can expect 2-way COMMUNICATION and information every step of the way, so you know what’s happening with your job.

Every job is recorded in our job management system for us to refer back to, manage assets and provide you with relevant information when needed in the future.

We provide set times for bookings, avoiding time windows so you will always get given a set time.

All staff are knowledgeable, friendly and have a great sense of humour. Did we forget to mention we are all master electricians?

Our diligence in these three areas lets us offer our unique Canny experience to all our customers. They allow us to generate the change that we want one step at a time, bringing the benefit to our electrical industry and the final users, our customers.

CANNY ELECTRICS is about making people feel different and creating mindset change.


Saulo Canny – Director


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