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What to expect when you choose to call in Canny

No matter what electrical work you require for your home, office, shop or factory, Canny Electrics’ approach to providing outstanding service is always the same.
When you make an appointment, we make it our business to ensure our ‘A’ Grade electricians show you the respect of arriving right on schedule ~ and with a ‘can-do’ commitment to solving your power problems in the best and most efficient way.

You’ll have professionals who’ll take the time necessary to perform your work with real precision; who’ll never see your job as complete until they’re 100% happy that everything is operating perfectly; and who’ll never baulk at going ‘the extra mile’ ~ to overcome any challenge; or provide a knowledgeable answer to any electrical question you have.

Canny makes this possible by never overbooking our team; and never pressuring them to race through work (or look for ‘quick fix’ short-cuts) in a mad rush to get to their next job.

It simply means you can expect more personal care and attention to detail; a more satisfying end result; and a service experience that explains why so many of our first time customers have chosen to become long-term clients.


Our knowledgeable, skilled & certified
electricians are here to help you.


We provide our technical and creative expertise, combined with well-trained staff, state of the art equipment, and thorough support to ensure outstanding results within domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

What our customers
have to say

(without us putting words in their mouth)

At Canny Electrics, we never ask our clients for ‘rave reviews’; we never influence the feedback they send us on their ‘service experience’; and we never worry about having ‘zero control’ over what they may publish on live, online platforms like WOMO.

We simply have faith that our commitment to providing the best possible service is something that our customers all appreciate.

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Very prompt and responsive service providers. Knowledgeable friendly staff who performed the job at a high level of satisfaction for us. We have no hesitation in recommending them and we will be using them again! !!
Our electrician turned up on time, discussed the problem, checked all aspects of why our lights were inoperative and fixed the issues to the extent possible. it was simply great service.

Our Clients

Don’t die trying to be an electrician

Whether you’re at work or doing your own jobs around the house, DIY=DIE when it comes to electrical work.

Please remember this vitally important safety message from Energysafe Victoria.

ALWAYS call in a professional when you need ANY electrical work done; and NEVER be tempted to save time or money by trying to do-it-yourself, no matter how small the job. It’s not only ILLEGAL, there’s a very real risk you could pay with your life.