Security Systems


Guarding your premises against intruders has never been a better investment

These days, it’s not just protection from the odd ‘cat burglar’ that has people investing in security systems. It’s the alarming rise in the day and night incidence of drug-fuelled break-ins, violent gang invasions and brazen armed robberies.

For homeowners, shop owners and commercial businesses large and small, Canny Electrics offers a range of excellent security measures you can take to help safeguard your premises; protect the physical wellbeing of family or staff; and reduce your insurance costs by lessening your likelihood of becoming a victim.

Our CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Systems can be used in any combination you require ~ and, if you wish, custom created to form an integral part of your home or office automation.


CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system allows you to monitor and record any event that occurs on your premises; and is a highly effective deterrent to acts of criminal activity.

At Canny, we create all our CCTV systems using the very best High Definition IP Cameras available. So you can be sure that all indoor and outdoor video footage captured can be viewed in the highest quality detail possible.


Access Control Systems

With our proven Access Control Systems, all businesses can better protect their staff and customers; and improve their ability to keep sensitive information strictly confidential.

Whether you require a way to restrict after-hours building access or entry into a high-security area at any hour, we can design and install a leading brand system that is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

For homeowners, the solution can be as simple as adding an electronic lock to your access doors that even a small child can operate with ease.


Intruder Alarm Systems

When alarm bells start ringing, intruders start running; and Canny can show you all the choices you have to make that happen, monitor events and put a response plan into action.

To discuss how to best secure your home or office, call us now. An expert Canny consultant will be happy to explain all your options.

Canny Electrics is fully Security Certified for the installation of CCTV and security systems. This protects the validity of any insurance claim you may need to make.

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