Before, home buyers looked for houses with a modern kitchen or high curb appeal. But market behaviour changes over time. Today, consumers are turning and willing to pay more for smart homes.

Home automation increases property value and makes the house impressive, convenient, and secure. Technology and gadgets also simplify everyday tasks. With more automated systems in a home, moving in is less stressful.

So, it is no surprise for buyers to lean towards homes with built-in smart features.

But does this trend also apply to the Australian market? Should home developers or owners start prioritising home automation?

To learn more, let’s review the findings of recent statistical reports and studies. Then, keep reading to find out which technology to focus on to make your property stand out.

Is the Demand for Smart Homes High in Australia?

One article from The Property Tribune noted that smart devices in Australian homes used to be for luxury projects only. However, home development standards quickly changed.

Now, there is a high demand for smart homes in Australia.

Automation has become a norm even in regular houses. Smart devices that used to be luxury items have become a necessity.

But what is driving this demand shift?

  • Smart tech is now more accessible and budget-friendly. Companies providing home automation services in Australia offer packages that suit the customer’s needs and budget. Nowadays, it’s easy to find an expert and design your custom automation system.
  • The age demographics of buyers are changing. Millennials and Gen Z members are now the bulk of the homeownership market in the country. These newer generations are more adept with gadgets and devices, contributing to the high demand for smart homes.
  • Consumers are aiming for comfortable and efficient lifestyles. Technology makes our lives easy. This thinking trickles down to how prospective buyers choose their new homes. Quality living now means everything is controllable with just a few taps on a screen.

How Can I Increase My Home Value with Automation?

We’ve established that smart homes in Australia are in demand, making automation a worthy investment.

However, selecting the right tech for your home can be a problem, given the diverse options you’ll see today.

The way around it is to understand what the current market is interested in or looking for.

According to the 2024 Telsyte Australian Smart Home Market Study, four factors influence the smart home market in the country. These include energy efficiency, security, price increases, and generative AI anticipation.

Based on these factors, these automation upgrades can help boost your home’s value and appeal.

1. Set up a smart work-from-home space

The Telsyte research found that 1.2 million Australian homes (12%) have areas for hybrid work setups.

Because of the pandemic, more homeowners turned their lounge room, study, and front entrance into a dedicated office with Internet devices.

If you think a workspace fits your property, consider installing technologies that encourage high work efficiency and productivity like:

  • a reliable and stable Internet connection
  • smart lighting systems
  • temperature sensors
  • automated curtains or blinds

2. Install energy-saving and Eco-friendly technologies

People looking to buy or rent a house now check the listing’s energy efficiency. They feel more confident being in a home with features that optimise power use and reduce overall energy spending.

Owners of Airbnb rentals will also benefit from this market need.

Also, the Telsyte study noted that 28% of Australian households prefer energy solutions that reduce environmental impact.

To meet these requirements, some of the automation features you can add to your list are:

  • smart thermostats to control heating and cooling usage
  • efficient lighting to reduce energy costs
  • automated solar panels to lessen energy consumption and production
  • automated appliances, like smart dishwashers and washing machines, for higher energy efficiency

3. Invest in automated home care and security systems

Safety is among the top deciding factors when buying or renting a smart home. In Australia, home security is also a priority for many homeowners.

According to Telsyte’s findings, smart video cameras were still popular in 2023.

Also, 31% of Australian households have security surveillance systems. More people rely on professional installation for smart security devices as well.

Another crucial research finding is that 1.6 million (16%) households said they have seniors or members with a disability at home.

Respondents think assistive smart home tech is a big plus as these family members need special care.

Given these market needs, you could increase your home value with these automation features:

  • smart door locks for rooms and garage
  • indoor or outdoor security and doorbell cameras
  • intruder alarm systems
  • safety sensors for flood, smoke, carbon monoxide, and temperature
  • voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri

For more smart home ideas, check out our previous article on how automation made homeowners’ lives easier.

Make Your Home Ready for the Future

Selling or renting may not be the top of mind when building a house. Still, it is always good to invest in features, like automation, that add value to your home.

Moreover, research concludes that there is a growing interest in smart homes. So, think long-term and start making your house move-in ready with the right technologies.

If you need help automating your home, apartment, or rental business for added value, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 522 446.