Do you need some inspirations on what to do with a home automation? Check out how these people are using it to make their life easier.


As a 34-year old professional nurse, I am a bit of an introvert. I have one close friend but we live far apart. To make up for it, my parents got me the perfect gift; they bought me a smart house! It has everything from lights that turn on automatically at certain times to doors that lock and unlock themselves when you’re away or near them.

But this isn’t just any ordinary house – it’s connected to all sorts of technology which is what makes it so special. My mom can use her phone to check what I need in real time from anywhere in the world!

When she comes home from work, she doesn’t have to ask where everyone is or how their day went if someone was not home for dinner.

Mel and Paul

Mel and Paul are grateful for the technology in their new house. The tech has made it easier to manage life as a busy couple, such as remembering whose turn is next on dishes or cooking dinner without having to consult with one another about who’s going later that night.

There have been so many benefits from the smart home they’ve created.

They now know what time of day will work best when they plan tasks around each other because their devices tell them which rooms need most attention based on light levels, noise levels, air quality sensors throughout different areas of the property. This data helps them better decide where things should be stored too!

The ease with our lives means we can make more personal plans than before-like deciding how much TV time Mel

We were in a grocery store and I saw the granola. It was expensive, but we needed it for breakfast tomorrow morning. “Paul,” I said, “I need to get some granola.”

“You want me to order it from Amazon?” he replied.

“No,” I looked over my shoulder and then down at my phone as if someone might overhear our conversation about ordering groceries online. “That’s too much like buying something on an iPhone.” The irony of that statement didn’t escape either one of us, given how many times Paul ordered things online before we got this house with the smart technology installed in every room inside and outside. Buying items on Amazon or using automated services through various apps made.

Jane & Carlos

Jane and Carlos are a young couple who both work full-time. They were tired of paying high prices for their utilities at the end of every month so they decided to purchase their own home. After looking around a bit they finally found one that was perfect for them: it had four bedrooms and two bathrooms with plenty of space.

One day, Carlos came across an ad on his phone about smart homes; he clicked on the link which led him to a website where he learned more about the innovative technology behind these homes.

He thought this might be something good for them to check out since it would make things easier for them in all aspects of life; so he showed Jane what he discovered and told her they should try it.

“I just can’t believe all the things I do with my new smart house,” Jane said to her husband, Carlos as they worked in their backyard. “We’re so much more productive now that we have a system for everything.

And it’s not like we don’t save money either-we’ve been able to cut our grocery bill in half!”

“It’s amazing how these little devices and apps are really making our lives better,” Carlos agreed. “You know what was really great? We got this thing called an air filter that hooks up to our system and tells us when the air is too dusty or smoky inside-before there were any signs of trouble.”

Laura and Peter

Laura and Peter are two people who have a smart house. They use this technology to save time, money, keep in touch with family and friends better than ever before – all that they need is an internet connection!

With the new tech out there, Laura and Peter can do everything from checking their bank account balance on the TV while cooking dinner to turning off every light upstairs or outside at night using just one button for either.

This has been life-changing for them; not only because of how much more organised it makes things but also because these devices help reduce stress levels.

It helps eliminate steps like remembering passwords, having your phone go off when you’re trying different recipes in the kitchen, as well as absorbing data through emails so we don’t spend hours deleting unwanted emails and ads.