Are you always worried about your home while on vacation? You probably experienced going to work and forgetting to lock the door a few times.

These can be concerning. Recent statistics even revealed that break-ins across Australia have increased.

It’s a good thing that home security and automation devices are now available to lessen your worries.

Home automation enhances security by allowing you to check your house anywhere. It also lets you open or close doors remotely and receive real-time alerts.

But with so many automated systems to choose from, you might wonder which one suits your home best. Here are a few ideas to start safeguarding your home and family.

1. Leave Your Smart Lights On

Sometimes, simple solutions are enough to protect your home. Keeping your outdoor lights on, for example, can make intruders think that someone’s home, even if it is empty.

However, this technique is impossible if you live alone or are on vacation. In that case, a smart lighting system is your answer.

You can install Wi-Fi-enabled lighting fixtures, and turn them on or off through your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can install smart light bulbs with a timer, and let them work on schedule. Some lighting systems can even detect when it’s day or night time.

Having smart lights at home is not only for convenience and security. Automated lighting also helps you save energy and money.

2. Get a Smart Doorbell

There’s no need to open your door to speak to unexpected guests, door-to-door salesman, or delivery personnel.

With a smart doorbell connected to your phone or hub, you can see and talk to visitors through its two-way audio function. You may also use this feature when you’re away from home.

When someone rings your doorbell, the smart device sends you an alert. It also starts video recording, so you can see who’s there through a live feed.

You can even integrate the smart doorbell into your home security system and set off the alarm if needed.

In case of assault, theft, or break-ins, smart doorbell camera footage may also work as evidence for law enforcement.

3. Install Smart Locks on Your Doors

Smart lock systems work with a compatible app on your smartphone so you can lock or unlock your doors from anywhere.

These also add convenience as some units allow keyless entry. With this feature, there’s no need to worry about losing or misplacing your house keys again.

Smart locks also allow customised settings. For example, the system can automatically lock the door if your phone travels far enough outside your house.

You may also set it to unlock automatically once the sensor detects your phone approaching.

Aside from app control, some locks use a programming code or fingerprint scanning to function. Voice-activated smart door locks are available, too.

4. Monitor Your Home with Smart Cameras

An indoor smart camera is handy when you want to monitor your children. On the other hand, installing an outdoor camera can deter intruders.

Compared with traditional CCTVs, advanced security camera footage is easier to check and store. Modern video surveillance is also Internet-enabled, allowing you to monitor your house anywhere, at any time.

Connecting your system to your smartphone gives you real-time notifications, too.

When choosing a smart camera, consider features like resolution, field of view, motion sensor, and audio recording. With outdoor cameras, choose construction and materials that can withstand the elements.

5. Set Up a Smart Intruder Alarm System

An intruder or burglar alarm is a home security and automation device that lets out a loud siren when detecting unwanted presence or suspicious activity.

The mere sight of this alarm system can effectively deter potential intruders, making your home less vulnerable to theft or danger.

But it is equally effective when activated. The loud siren is enough to scare off intruders and alert authorities to check the area.

Also, connecting your alarm system to your smartphone lets you view live streams, receive alerts, and respond quickly to security threats.

Aside from sirens, intruder alarms also come with sensors (for motion, glass breakage, or door contact) to match your home layout and security preference.

It’s always best to speak to a home automation consultant to know your options and ensure proper installation.

Boost Home Security with Smart Technology

Threats and emergencies at home happen when you least expect them. But with the appropriate automation technologies, you can outsmart intruders, respond quickly, or avoid potential risks entirely.

It’s empowering to have smart home features helping you guard your house 24/7.

So, assess your home and lifestyle and find the ideal security system for your ultimate peace of mind.

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