At a time when energy prices are soaring and environmental concerns become even more pressing, wasting money on household appliances that have been left on or are being used inefficiently can be a huge worry.

However, the latest technological developments in voice-activated home automation can help you to limit these issues in your property.

Do you often snuggle down into bed only to realise you forgot to turn the kitchen light off downstairs? Are you in the habit of jumping in the shower before realising you forgot to turn the radio on? Do you often think of things to add to the shopping list when you are busy with other activities that are nowhere near pen and paper?

Voice activated home automation allows you to simply issue your command, and your wish will be granted. Music will turn on, lights will switch off, and everything you need to remember will automatically be recorded. Not only will this cut down on the number of power-draining items being left on in your home.

What is a Voice Activated Home Automation System?

In home automation systems are smart devices that can be installed in your home to allow voice commands to control your smart appliances and electrics. Smart appliances include systems, switches, and appliances that run through one common smart network and can be controlled because of this.

Examples of smart appliances which can be controlled via remote control, smartphones, and voice activated home automation include:

When these and other smart devices are connected to your smart home technology network, you will gain a whole new level of control and organisation in your home.

By simply speaking, you can make sure that devices are switched off, that the appliances you need begin to function, and that your security systems are up and running as you leave the home.

Although this may seem like the realm of science fiction and billionaire mansions, voice activated home automation is becoming an everyday reality for thousands of homeowners across Australia. Voice controllable devices such as Google Home Assistant or Alexa may already be in your home, and you can build on these to create a fully integrated system for your property.

Below we will look at the practical benefits a voice home automation system can bring to your life.


Benefits of Voice Controlled Home Automation Systems?

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

You can set smart home devices so they either switch off at an automatic time, or you can issue a command for all the lights to switch off before you head to bed each night. The same goes for other devices and appliances which are connected to your network.

If you are in the habit of leaving rooms without switching off the lights and devices in the room, this could lead to considerable savings over the year.

2. A Home Automation System Will Help You Save Time

If you struggle during busy mornings trying to get everything accomplished before you need to leave, in home automation can save you valuable time to make sure you aren’t late for your commute.

As you leave you can instruct your voice controlled home automation system to turn off all lights, switch off the heating, turn off devices and turn on your security system!

So, you no longer need to run from room to room making sure you have got everything set before you leave.

3. Make Sure Important Things Aren’t Forgotten

If you struggle with staying organised and remembering appointments and shopping lists, a hands free home assistant will allow you to set reminders, build up a shopping list and record simple information simply by speaking.

4. Access Essential Information While You Are Busy

If you run a busy and noisy household, you may often be struggling to manage different activities at once. For example, you may be struggling to get your children dressed while checking what the weather will be that day.

Or you may want to switch on the TV while you cook, but your hands are covered in your ingredients! With a voice activated home automation system, you simply need to speak and you will get the information or service you need!

Implementing an in-home automation system into your life can be an incredible time saver, stress deliver, and give you a whole new level of organisation for your home life.

5. Increased Independence for Those with Limited Mobility

If you have limited mobility in your home, a voice controlled automation system will allow you to accomplish tasks quickly and easily simply by speaking.

You don’t need to rely on others in the household to help you control your smart devices and can enjoy a new level of control and independence in your home.


Voice activated home automation systems are no longer a thing of the future. Affordable and practical home automation systems are available right now.

In home automation doesn’t require a huge budget, a complete home overhaul, or a rewiring of the house!

All you need is an open mind and the desire to learn how voice-controlled home automation can improve life in your home!

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