img-3When you think about smart homes, simple conveniences come to mind – automated lighting, blinds that roll up or down on their own, etc.

These minor perks easily put automation plans at the bottom of your priority list.

However, a well-integrated automation system can do more for your property and family. Here are some common issues you can solve or avoid by simply having a smart home.

1. Worrying About Your Empty House While at Work or on Holiday

It can be stressful when you have to work late or go on vacation and leave your house in total darkness.

An empty home without lights attracts unwanted attention from vandals, thieves, and burglars. Being at home alone can be just as unnerving, especially at night.

You can overcome these problems with several home security devices like video doorbells, cameras, and alarm systems. These can detect and deter unwanted visitors.

You may also set porch or garden lights to turn on at night. The best part is you have control over these devices no matter where you are.

Installing safety devices like a flood sensor and smoke or carbon monoxide detector gives peace of mind, too. It’s always good to have a system that automatically responds to problems, especially when you are asleep or away from home.

2. Difficulty Looking After Loved Ones

Keeping your house under constant surveillance can be difficult when you are often away from home. It’s even more challenging when you have children, elderly, or pets to look out for.

However, when you have indoor security cameras installed, you can remotely watch live streams of your kids as they move around or play in the house.

You can also have door sensors in your automation system for real-time alerts whenever they come home from school.

Putting smart home speakers or intercoms makes communication easy, too. You can place speakers in various rooms of your house, making it easy to check on your kids.

This solution is also good with elders at home who need constant care or monitoring.

Check out this article to learn how else home automation enhances senior living.


3. Constantly Forgetting to Lock Your Doors

Probably all of us have experienced forgetting to lock the front door or close the garage as we leave.

Sometimes, you managed to lock everything but forgot to pick up the keys on your way out. We know how stressful these things can be.

Forget the panic and solve these morning rush problems instead with home automation.

Consider installing a smart garage door to open or lock it remotely. This solution lets you check the status of your garage door through the app, too.

Some smart locks have keyless mechanisms, allowing you to enter the house through a keycode or fingerprint reading.

You can give this digital door lock access to your family members and forget about duplicate keys.

4. Dealing with Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures

Most of us would turn on the AC to keep the house cool. Others would manually adjust the thermostat when it’s too cold.

However, running the AC longer than necessary wastes energy and money. Constantly adjusting the thermostat is tedious, too.

These won’t be an issue when you have smart HVAC and thermostats at home.

For instance, you can set a smart aircon to turn on and off at specific times of the day. That way, you can keep the house cool as needed and save on monthly energy bills.

Similarly, smart thermostats can adjust the temperature based on your preference. Automatically setting the minimum and maximum temperatures through this device helps avoid energy wastage, too.

Installing smart lighting in your home also has the same energy-saving benefit.

5. Packages Arriving When No One Is Home

You can virtually purchase anything online, and having items delivered to your doorstep makes things even more convenient.

But what if no one’s home to accept the parcel on delivery date? With a video doorbell, there’s no need to reschedule your deliveries.

This device can notify you once the delivery person arrives. Then, use the same smart technology to speak and instruct the delivery man where to leave the parcel for safety.

If you have an automated garage door, open it remotely and ask the courier to put the package inside.


6. Being Confused During Disasters or Emergencies

It is difficult to think and act fast when unexpected problems at home arise. Medical emergencies, fires, and other natural calamities are stressful and can affect decision-making.

Having built-in sensors integrated into your smart home automation system is one way to overcome this problem.

Smoke or water leak detectors, flood sensors, or seismic activity monitors can send immediate alerts, letting homeowners act promptly.

Aside from sending early warnings, these smart home devices can also automatically shut off utilities, contact emergency services, or open exit routes to minimise the impact of disasters.

Solve Everyday Problems with Home Automation

Building a smart home is not only about modern and convenient living.

A wide range of automated devices can now be your ally in protecting your house and loved ones. Other solutions can even help you conserve energy, save time and money, and respond to emergencies.

The key is to choose the automation products that suit your household’s needs. Our automation specialists at Canny Electrics can help you assess, design, install, and maintain your custom smart home. That way, you invest in the right solutions that deliver the desired results.

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