Power boards are a common household item that many people use to access multiple electrical devices from one location. However, while these devices can be convenient, they pose a significant safety risk if misused.

Understanding what appliances should not be plugged in to stay safe while using power boards is important. Older power boards can be particularly hazardous, as they may lack modern safety features such as circuit breakers and individual switches.

Plugging in appliances that draw too much power can cause surges or outages, damaging both the appliance and the power board. This article will explore power board safety and list appliances that should not be plugged in to help you stay safe while using these devices.

Additionally, we will offer tips for staying safe when using power boards and recommend professional electrical services for those needing additional outlets installed for safety and aesthetics.

What to Avoid Plugging in to Power Boards?

It is imperative to exercise caution when selecting which devices to plug into a power board, as high amperage, heat-generating, or direct energy-requiring appliances can potentially cause surges or outages.

In general, these appliances below draw heavy wattage and should be plugged directly into a wall socket, not through a power board:

  • air conditioners
  • stoves
  • washing machines
  • fridges
  • slow cookers
  • kettles

Power boards have a capacity limit that should not be exceeded, and overloading a power board can have severe consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to only plug in appliances with low power consumption and are not likely to cause an overload.

It is essential to note that power boards should not be used as a permanent solution for devices that require a direct energy source. Instead, local electricians can install additional outlets for safety and aesthetics.

Overall, it is crucial to exercise caution when using power boards and to avoid plugging in appliances with high power consumption that can cause an overload.

What Appliances Are Suitable for Power Boards?

These appliances below are suitable for modern power boards with circuit breakers and individual switches:

  • electric tooth brushes
  • shavers
  • TVs
  • gaming devices
  • smartphones
  • notebooks
  • earbuds
  • blenders
  • food processors
  • juicers
  • lamps

These power boards are designed to handle low-amperage devices without excessive heat or requiring direct energy. Plugging these appliances into power boards can help reduce clutter and provide convenient access to multiple devices from various locations.

To ensure the safety of these devices, it is essential to conduct preventative maintenance regularly. It includes checking the power boards for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed cords or damaged outlets, and replacing them immediately.

Additionally, following energy-saving tips, such as turning off appliances when not in use, can help reduce the risk of overloading the power board and causing surges or outages.

By following these safety guidelines and incorporating preventative maintenance and energy-saving tips, individuals can safely use power boards to power their appliances.


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