More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of installing home automation systems in their houses or business. No longer the realm of the super-rich, home automation devices are now accessibly priced and easy to begin using in everyday homes.

Using home automation in Melbourne can help you easily manage your home devices, increase home security, and even cut your energy bills! And you can begin implementing a home automation system at a surprisingly affordable price by only including devices and items which add practical value to your home.

Below we will give you a clear idea of what you can expect to spend on home automation in Australia and the best ways to get started with using smart devices in your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Home Automation System in Melbourne?

The cost of home automation in Melbourne is now very accessibly priced and, by 2026, it is estimated that more than 7 million homes in the country will have smart home systems installed.

The price of your home automation system will depend on the types of system you want and what smart devices you want to make use of.

A relatively simple system centred around smart light switches and a smart thermostat will of course be cheaper than a more complicated system involving advanced appliances and high-functioning features.

Here is an estimation of how much a home automation installation may cost you.

1. Basic Home Installation System

A basic home automation system that includes approximately 6 smart light switches and a smart app to control them could be installed starting at $2,999.

2. With Incorporated System Control

For a home installation system that includes integrated system control and smart bulbs, you should expect to pay a price starting at $3,999.

3. Advance Home Automation Systems

For a more advanced home automation system that allows you to control multiple smart devices with advanced control features and is professionally installed the costs can range from $8,000 to $25,000.

What Exactly is In Home Automation?

An in home automation system will allow you to control the devices and appliances in your home via a smartphone app whether you are in the house or not!

Using a smartphone app, you have complete control over your lighting, heating, home security system, and smart devices. And you can adjust any of these systems by smartphone remote controls within a few seconds!


How Does Home Automation Help You to Cut Costs?

1. Improve Energy Efficiency of Items

You can save money by installing smart home devices which have energy efficiency at their core. Smart lightbulbs will allow you to lower the level of electricity you use lighting your home and adjust the lighting level according to what you need at that time of the day.

2. Turn off Your Devices and Appliances by Timer or Remote

This can include a smart thermostat to control heating costs more effectively either by using a smart hub app or setting a timer to turn the heating for your home on and off.

You can also set scheduled switched off of electrical devices in your home to make sure that no devices and appliances are being powered during the night when they are not in use.

3. Assess Data About the Use of your Smart Devices

You can also access information about energy usage and lifestyle habits for your home automation products and then make changes based on this. If you find that you are paying to power appliances or devices you don’t really use or are using certain items too much – you can make adjustments to save energy and lower costs.

How Does Home Automation Work?

Installing a home automation system involves the installation of hardware, communication systems, electronic interfaces, and smart devices which will all function together on the same network.

This can be set up as a wired or wireless system that connects all the devices within an overall home management system hub. Wireless home automation usually involves the least disruption and quicker installation. Wired-in-home automation is usually installed during the building of a home and will involve the wiring of electrical outlets so they all run on the same system to a central processor hub or controller you can use.

Most homeowners find it more practical and cost-efficient to use a wi fi home automation system that can quickly be installed without causing any disruption and can continually be enhanced by integrating the latest developments and devices on the market.


What Devices Can You Include in Your Home Automation System?

There is a wide range of different smart devices and appliances you can choose to include in your home automation system. The number and type of devices you decide to include in your smart home installation will affect the overall cost of your home automation in Australia, but here are some features you can think about.

  • Voice command central control hub.
  • Smart lights and switches throughout your home.
  • Voice controlled door locks and security systems.
  • A smart thermostat system.
  • Smart oven and other kitchen appliances.
  • Smart TV, Smart speakers, and other home entertainment devices.
  • Automated blinds that can be programmed will open at a set time every day.

To decide which devices should be included in your home automation system, you should think about your current lifestyle and what will prove most useful and valuable in your day to day.

Although it is easy to get carried away with the advanced features of highly advanced features and options, they will not be of much value to you if they aren’t used all that often.

When looking at your options, try to picture how they will fit into your daily schedule and whether they can help you to become more energy and time efficient.

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