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    Searching for Toorak home automation? You’ve arrived at the right page!

    Our home is the only place where we can fully relax and find peace. It should be a place where we can all feel safe and enjoy life. One way to make staying at home more restful and secure is by automating it.

    Now, you might be thinking that it can be a lot of work. Yes, it’s true, installing a home automation in Toorak can sometimes be a hassle.

    However, you don’t have to worry about that as long as you find the right company to automate your home. Luckily, with Canny Electrics, we can help you understand what you truly need and can come up with a system that will work for your home.

    Home automation for your Toorak house doesn’t have to be complicated and you will be glad that you have decided to do it to your home. If you are still not convinced on why you need to automate your house now, here are some benefits you can get from it.


    State-of-the-art Home

    One of the best things that technology can offer is by making our lives easier. Wireless technology has paved the way to making the home environment more conducive and controllable. You can now easily control your security, lighting, heating and cooling systems, and a lot more with just a voice command. How cool is that?

    Canny Electrics can help you choose which products are right for your needs that will also suit your budget.

    Home Security

    Have peace of mind each time you leave the house by automating your home. You can never know when someone will enter your home or if there is an emergency while you are away. By automating your house, you can easily receive alerts when someone tries to break-in, or if there’s a fire or any emergencies.

    Even if you are out of town or in a different country you can check what’s happening inside the house via the camera’s live stream view.

    You don’t need to wait until you get home and be surprised that the house had been ransacked. You can effortlessly lock the doors, set the alarm, switch the camera on, and turn off the power with one app.

    Set the Perfect Temperature

    Controlling the temperature at home can sometimes be a challenging task. It can be hard to set the perfect temperature during hot summer days and even during the cold winter season.

    However, if you have a smart home climate control, you can easily personalise the temperature for every room that will be ideal for you and each family member anytime. Even opening and closing the windows and blinds is made easy with just one app.


    Manage your Light and Entertainment System with Ease

    Turning off the lights can be a hassle at times, especially when you’re all set to sleep. By integrating your light and entertainment with a home automation system, you can easily turn the lights on and off via with an application. You can also select a song or set the volume to your liking without having to physically go to the entertainment system.

    If you have voice control products, you can also pair them to your smart home. All you need to do is tell Alexa, Google, or Siri what you need to do and they can help you out. Like when you say goodnight, your lights will turn off, all doors will be locked, and even your blinds will shut. Another advantage of pairing your home entertainment and lights to a smart home automation system is it can considerably reduce your energy consumption.

    Professional and Competent Installers

    The automation of your home should only be done by honest and professional electricians. You cannot just let anyone set up the automation system for you. At Canny Electrics, our staff is certified and are A-Grade electricians who specialise in smart home automation.

    We are certified Fibaro, Z-Wave, and Savant installers who knows all the best brands and devices that you’ll need at home. Our team have helped thousands of families improve their lives by automating their homes.

    Canny Electrics have different home automation packages for every family’s need. All you have to do is tell us what you need and your budget. We will come up with the best solution to have your home automation in Toorak possible. Submit the form to get your free quote!

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