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    There is nothing more comfortable than living in an automated home. Whether you are still in the planning stage of building a house or you already have an existing one, you can always integrate home automation systems for your house in Geelong.

    Imagine controlling your light and entertainment system as well as the audio visual systems through remote control or mobile phones, setting up the perfect air conditioning temperature, and never having to worry about your house whenever you are away for work or even on a holiday because of security systems. Isn’t that something you want for yourself and your family? Controlling your home with just a voice command or with a touch of a button.

    Home automation in Geelong is made easier and more personalised without hurting your budget with the help of the Canny Electrics team of home automation specialists. Since home automation systems today are made flexible, you do not need to do everything in one go, instead, you can do it step-by-step depending on your budget.


    Why Automate Your Home with Canny Electrics?

    Team of A-Grade Electricians

    You cannot trust the automation and security system of your home with just anyone or any company. You need to find an accredited and trusted electrician to do it to avoid any issues with your home security and home automation systems in the future. The team of Canny Electrics are not only A-Grade electricians but we also specialise in smart home automation.

    All are certified Savant, Fibaro, and Z-Wave installers and are knowledgeable with the top brands and devices. You can only expect the best from the company’s trusted and professional installers of latest technology.

    Customisable Home Automation System

    Home automation solutions can be expensive and sometimes you do not need everything all at the same time. Canny Electrics can help you find a suitable system of telecommunications technologies for you and your family. The team works with the clients closely to understand their current and future smart device needs.

    Once the team have an idea of what you want to do with your home and what your future essential needs are, we come up with perfectly suited home automation for you.

    Don’t worry if you have a limited budget or money, the team can still come up with the best and sophisticated home automation system that is suitable for your needs and finances.

    Wide Range of Home Automation Packs Options

    No matter the size of your Geelong home is Canny Electrics has just the right electrical and home automation packs for you. Whether you are living in your own home, living in an apartment, and even want to protect your AirBnB rental place with a security camera at the entrance, there is an option for you.


    Wide Variety of Services

    Aside from having certified and A-Grade electricians, another thing to look for when choosing a company for home automation in Geelong is the services they can offer. This is to ensure that everything you need right now and possibly in the future is available. Canny Electrics have a wide variety of home automation services to choose from. Below are just some of them.

    • Security Control e.g. garage door control
    • Energy Monitoring
    • Heating and Cooling Control System
    • Curtains and Blinds Control
    • Lighting and entertainment control
    • Watering System
    • Pool and Spa Control
    • Remote Access Capability
    • Security Camera Systems
    • Voice Control Capability
    • Multiple Rooms Audio Capability

    Almost everything you need to make your home more livable and comfortable; you can find them at Canny Electrics.

    Available 24/7

    If you have any concerns or questions regarding a home automation system or household appliances for your Geelong home, the company is accessible 24/7. No need to wait for the office to open in the morning or for the next business day. Even in the wee hours and weekends, the team is ready to serve you.

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