Smart switches are a convenient way to control the technology in your home. but what happens if the Wi-Fi drops and internet access in your home cease altogether? Will you still be able to use your smart switches for lights around your home?

All smart devices rely on the internet to function, so it is a natural assumption that when smart switches WiFi drops out, the devices will stop working. But in practice, you will find that this isn’t entirely true.

Smart switches for home lighting will continue to function even when your home network is down. But their high-tech functionality will be absent, you will only be able to use them to switch the lights on and off, as you would a standard light switch.

Read below to discover everything you need to know about smart switches for lights, and what happens when the smart switches wifi connection is down.

What are Smart Switches for Lights?

Smart switches for home lighting will turn your standard light switches into smart devices in and of themselves. You can use them to access a variety of functions that will enhance your home environment and make life easier, these include:

  • Dimming and brightening the lights in your home.
  • Controlling Fans in your property.
  • Adjust the lighting in your home through voice automation, remote control, smartphone, and preprogramed schedules.

Smart switches for lights look similar to standard light switches that are already in your home. They contain a lot of the same designs but have been optimized so that they can integrate with smart controls. You can then use smart home apps on your devices to use and control them.

To get started with smart switches for home lights, all you need to do is pick your favourite option from the wide range of smart home devices and have it installed. Then you just need to download the appropriate app to start using smart light functions such as turning on the dimmer switch with your phone.

Smart Switches in a WiFi Outage – Do They Still Work?

If the Wi-Fi is down, you will still be able to switch the lights on your home on and off, but other functions will be unavailable.

Your Smart Phone App Won’t Function

While the WiFi is down, you won’t be able to use your smart home apps to control the smart switch. This is because your smart app cannot send any message to the smart switches on the wall. So, all control of the switch will be strictly offline as with a standard switch.

You Can Still Turn the Lights On and Off in Your Home

So, if your smart switches for home lights don’t have WiFi, does that mean you will have to sit in darkness until your internet connection is re-established? Well, thankfully no!

In contrast to other smart devices in your home which rely on a connection to your smart home hub, smart switches still have limited functionality.

This means that you will be able to turn the lights of your home on and off by physically flicking the switch on the wall. This is because your smart switches for home lights will still be connected to the wiring for your lights.

Smart switches WiFi connections are needed to control anything they are not physically connected to and will not work without that network connection.

You Won’t Be Able to Use Smart Device Features

The smart features on your light switches all need a WiFi connection to function. So, if the WiFi disappears you will find that functionality is compromised. You will not be able to use your smart hub controls to brighten or dim the lights or control fans.

You will also not be able to establish a connection between smart switches and new devices. If you have just moved into a new home and are unable to control your smart switches, it may be because your WiFi connection hasn’t kicked in yet.

You Will Lose Some of Your Settings

While the WiFi is down, you will not be able to benefit from any of the settings or schedules which you have stored on your smart device app. So, functions such as turning on the lights at a certain time of day or automatic switch off at a set time at night will not come into effect.

However, you don’t have to worry about resetting everything once the WiFi returns, all your settings, and schedules are saved and should begin working again.

Summary: Do smart switches work without internet?

Although you won’t be able to access the high-tech conveniences of smart switches for lights during a WiFi outage, that doesn’t mean the lights will stop working entirely. You’ll just need to switch them on and off manually until your internet connection is established and your smart switches WiFi capabilities return.

If you are interested to install smart switches for your home, click here to see our home automation page.