1 Bedroom Basic pack

About this package

6 Functions Including

  • Advanced Motion-activated Lighting in 1 room
  • Status and control of 1 door or window
  • Advanced presence simulation when away
  • 2 Zoned alarm system with integrated lighting

Included Services

  • Complete setup Included
  • Fully installs products
  • Advanced setup with features only sold by Canny Electrics
  • Canny Support

What will this package include?


✅ Overall monitoring of energy consumption

✅ Data energy and dollar spend dashboard

✅ Individual energy monitoring of connected lighting

❌ Overall monitoring of energy consumption in the whole home

❌ Ability to integrate solar system


✅ Alarm with 3 Zones

✅ Integrated alarm with Lighting

✅ Notifications via app when alarm breached

✅ Optional integration with CCTV

✅ Historal information

✅ Assign Multiple Codes to users

✅ Arm/Disarm alarm remotely

✅ Alarm Integration with compitable speakers (Sonos, Lithe Audio etc)

✅ Notification of High temperature by room (not Fire alarm)

Multi Media

❌ Integration of compatible speakers

❌ Play sound of Doorbell/Intercom via speakers

❌ Play sound of Alarm via speakers

❌ Silent Mode in Evening


✅ Advanced Motion activated Lighting in 2 rooms

✅ Advanced Presence Simulation

✅ Central Control all connected lights from one location

✅Remote Control your lights remotely via App or desktop

✅ On-Off  Lighting control  for 6 light switches

❌ Dimming Lighting control

❌ Evening and Night Lighting modes with Dimming

❌ External Lighting

Access Control

❌ Integrated Doorbell

❌ Integrated Intercom

❌ Control of garage door

❌ Control of gate

❌ Smart Doorlock

Central Functions

❌ Goodnight Button/Switch

❌ Good Bye home Button/Switch


❌ Zoned Heating for 3 Underfloor

❌ Heating Zones

❌ Create individual heating schedules for each zone

❌ Centrally control Heating via app or wall-mounted tablets

❌ Integration with Air-conditioning


❌ Integrated Blinds

❌ Automated opening and closing of blinds based on location of sun to reduce cooling costs.

❌ Create favourite blind positions such as partially open/closed

❌ Reduce heating costs by automatically opening blinds in the day in winter

❌ Automatically open/close blinds based on presence or when away/vacation

❌ Increased privacy after sunset

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