The smart home revolution is in full swing, but for renters, the dream of a fully automated living space often seems out of reach. Lease agreements, concerns about damaging walls, and the temporary nature of renting can make traditional home automation setups seem impractical or even impossible. However, the good news is that technological advancements have brought forth a wide array of portable and non-invasive smart devices that cater specifically to the needs of renters.

In this article, we’ll explore how renters can enjoy the benefits of home automation without compromising their security deposit or violating lease terms.

From energy-efficient solutions to enhanced security and convenience, we’ll explain the world of renter-friendly smart home devices. Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a rented house, these innovative solutions will help you transform your temporary space into a smart, efficient, and comfortable home.

We’ll cover a range of options, from simple plug-and-play devices to more advanced yet still non-permanent installations. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to create a smart home environment that moves with you, allowing you to enjoy the perks of modern technology without the commitment of permanent modifications.

Portable Home Automation Devices

There are a lot of ideas for home automation and smart devices which won’t require you to make any changes to your flat at all! Here are some of the best automated devices which renters can start using right away.

1. Smart Bulb

Rather than install smart switches and dimmers which need rewiring, renters can invest in a smart blub. This device will give you a lot of the same options available with smart light switches, and all you need to do is switch out your current bulb for a new one!

2. Smart Plugs

A smart plug will help you to automate, schedule and easily control a connected electric device. For example, you can schedule a table lamp to be switched on at a certain time every evening. Or you could use them to ensure devices such as kettles and microwaves are switched off when not in use.

These small and affordable Melbourne home automation devices are completely non invasive and will leave no trace when you move out.

3. Portable Home Security Device

A smart home security system will allow you to monitor your apartment or doorway without having to run unsightly wires or call a technician to have a camera installed. Wi-fi connected motion sensors will allow you to view disruptions from your smart phone and identify callers before opening the door.

And, as with the other portable items listed here, you can simply pack up and take the device with you when you move.

4. Voice Automated Speakers

A portable smart speaker will allow you to listen to your favourite music and podcasts, catch up on the news, set an alarm, discover recipes, order items online, and set alarms and timers, simply by talking!

You may also be able to use it to control the smart plugs, lighting, and thermostats in your home without lifting a finger.

Non-invasive home automation doesn’t stop at portable devices. There are also a host of advanced smart technology devices which can be set up and installed without leaving any permanent damage to walls and surfaces.

Non-Invasive Home Automation Solutions

Non invasive smart technology can give you a further level of control and comfort in your home without causing any damage to your rented home. Easy to apply and easy to remove, these items are a smart choice for renters who can’t rewire or make alterations.

1. Wireless Light Switches

These wi-fi enabled light controls will enable you to switch the controls of a light switch no matter where you are in the home. This can help you to decrease your energy consumption by making sure all lights are switched off from the comfort of your bed before you go to sleep.

2. Peel and Stick Sensors

Peel and Stick sensors can easily be applied and removed from the walls and surfaces in your rented home. These compact Australia home automation devices will allow you to monitor the other smart devices in a room to increase the energy and heat efficiency in your home.

This smart tech could prove beneficial to renters looking to lower energy costs and keep their environmental impact as low as possible.

3. Temporary Thermostats

A temporary thermostat will allow you to change your current heating settings according to your new routines or time away. You can use them to override your current scheduled settings to make sure you are only using heating as and when you really need it.

This is one of many ways that smart home automation can help Melbourne renters to reduce their energy consumption and increase the overall energy-efficiency of their home.

Energy-Efficient Home Automation for Renters

By giving renters in Melbourne a greater level of control over electric and heating devices, in home automation can help to improve the energy efficiency of the city as a whole.

Smart devices limit the waste of energy and help you to lower and reduce consumption as needed, meaning that your environmental impact can be cut down considerably over the year.

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lights allow renters to easily control the lights in their home and ensure they are all switched off when not needed. Lights can be automated to turn off automatically at night, adjust brightness according to daylight levels, and dimming can be easily controlled as needed.

2. Smart Power Strips

If you are in the habit or leaving TVs, DVD Players, and Consoles plugged in and powered long after you have stopped using them – then investing in smart power strips will help you to make savings on your energy bills. Assessing current electricity usage for a device, the power strip will automatically disable power to items which are not currently in use.

3. Energy Monitoring Systems

If you want to keep a keen eye on your energy consumption and cut back on the costs of wasted electricity, then smart monitoring devices are essential. These sensors and monitors will allow you to easily get a clear idea of your energy use and help you to plan to lower it.

From simpler portable devices to more powerful non-invasive home automation solutions, there are plenty of options to improve the efficiency and comfort of their home.

The smart technology for all renters we have listed above will allow you to enjoy home automation in Melbourne without having to make changes which could harm your deposit.

Conclusion – Home Automation for Renters

Melbourne renters can benefit from the energy saving, extra security, and increased efficiency of home automation without having to worry about invasive installing and rewiring. There are plenty of different portable and non-invasive devices to choose from, as we have highlighted above.

For more information about home automation for renters, contact Canny Electrics today. Our experts will be happy to discuss what you need in your home and the best options to make sure you can enjoy portable and non-invasive smart technology for homes.