If you are looking for an entry point into home automation in Australia which will give you Smart Home functionality without any upheaval or heavy investment – then NFC tags may be the perfect solution.

These low-cost home automation solutions will allow you to automate or streamline processes in your home and office and it can cost you as little as $1 to get started!

Below we will talk you through everything you need to know about this form of home automation system and some quick and easy NFC tag ideas you can get started with right away!

What is an NFC Tag?

An NFC (Near Field Communication) tag is a portable and compact device you can program to perform a specific action in your home. In order to start the programmed process, all you need to do is bring your smartphone within range of the NFC tag so they can communicate together.

NFCs are a great option for home automation if you are renting a property or looking for a low-cost option to get started with.

NFC tags are compact, portable and do not require a complicated set up process. They can also easily be attached or removed from a wall or surface via a sticker (which is sometimes included) or tape.

NFC tags are also incredibly affordable and serve as a great entry point for people who are interested in home automation systems but want to dip their toe in the water before investing heavily in more complicated technologies.

15 NFC Tag Ideas for Home Automation

Here are some quick and easy NFC tag ideas you can start using to get started with home automation in Australia. Whether you are looking for easy ways to control devices and functions in your home or office to save time and avoid repeated tasks.

1. Switch the Lights in Your home On and Off at the Same Time.

It can be difficult to make sure you have switched off all of the lights in your home when you are leaving for work or heading to bed at night. An NFC tag will allow you to automatically switch off all of the lights in your home at once, saving energy (and energy bills!).

You simply need to place a tag near your door, garage, or in the hallway and you can make sure everything is turned off when you leave or head upstairs.

2. Control the Heating in your Home.

As well as controlling the lights in your home, you can use NFC tags to create a quick home automation system for your heating or AC. You can place a tag on the wall near your door so that you can quickly and easily turn off your temperature controls with your phone before you leave or as you enter your house.

3. Control the Door Locks in your House.

Smart locks in your home can be connected to an NFC tag to allow quick home automation of your doors. Some locks are proximity based and won’t need this, but if you have to input a keypad code or use your fingerprint, then an NFC tag is a great way to save time with this repetitive process.

4. Set Timers for Cooking and Other Tasks

If you have certain go to meals that you cook e very week, you can set up NFC tags which automate timing trackers. You won’t have to worry about setting up a timer on the cooker each time you get started cooking, simply use the NFC tag you have placed in the kitchen and get started making your favourite meal.

5. Keep Track of Important Items in Your Home

Whether you are moving house or storing seasonal items, you can add NFC tags to the outside of boxes to quickly access info about what you have store inside. This can also prove helpful with quickly accessing info about what you have stored in hard to reach areas and shelves.

6. Quickly Connect Your House Guests to Wi-Fi

One of the essential tasks nowadays whenever you have guests staying in your home is helping them to get set up with the internet. This can be a complicated or tricky purpose if you have mislaid the password or have a habit of inputting it incorrectly!

This NFC Tag idea involves using the devices so that guests can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi when they visit your home.


7. Automate Your Office Set Up

If you work from home or are a committed gamer, you can use NFC tags to automate your set up and save time each day getting started on your computer. You can use these devices to set up your lighting, music, and switch on your devices.

If you have aet routine of several different things you need to do before you get to work, then this can save you time and help you get to work quicker each morning.

8. Control the Music in Your Home

Along with the lighting and heating, you can also use these tags to set up a home automation system for your music. You can program a tag to connect to your home speakers to play your favourite music, or you can set up several different tags which will access playlists based on your mood – for example, you might want to hear relaxing classical music when you get home for work but want something a bit more energetic in the morning time.

9. Keep Track of Your Pets

If you worry about your pets being lost or escaping the yard, then you can attach a NFT tag to their collar. These light and compact devices can be set up so that your smartphone is contacted if somebody comes across your pet while they are lost.

10. Quickly Share Photos with Family and Friends

You can quickly and easily share new photo collections with friends and family using an NFC tag. This saves you valuable time on airdropping to different people and lets you keep family up to date with your special occasions with the click of your smartphone!

11. Automatically Add Items to Your Grocery List.

Important household items such as eggs, laundry supplies and toilet paper can automatically be added to your online grocery list using NFC tags! You simply need to add one to the side of your bread bin, detergent container or kitchen towel holder and then scan it with your phone when you notice you are starting to run out of supplies.

12. Turn Your Entertainment Systems on and Off

Are you constantly losing your Tv remote and misplacing the controls for your entertainment devices? Attaching an NFC Tags to your TV, lights, and music systems will allow you to quickly get settled in for an evening of entertainment without a frustrating search in and around your sofa!

13. Set Reminders for Household Tasks

If you struggle with keeping on top of all of your tasks in a busy household, adding an NFC tag to time your laundry loads and other tasks is a great way of making sure you don’t forget to unload the dishwasher or washing machine. Scanning a dedicated NFT tag when you start either appliance will set a timer on your phone which will remind you when it’s time to empty the device and switch it off.

14. Set Up Reminders and Automatic Calls for Family Members

You can use tags to set up a home automation system to remind you or automatically call friends and family members you need to speak to a lot.

Placing a tag in a place you frequent a lot such as the kitchen or living room will allow you to automatically call your loved ones and act as a visual reminder.

15. Send Messages to Your Family with One Action

If you and your household members all commute back and forth to work or school, you can use NFC tags to automatically send a message to certain numbers when you are heading home.

This can help with planning mealtimes, and making sure that your family members are aware of your current location and when to expect you home. This is one of the best NFC tag ideas if you want to keep track of the safety of family members each evening.

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