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About Fibaro

FIBARO is a global brand, the leading manufacturer of intelligent home system and the fastest growing company in the home automation industry in Europe.

The company is present on 6 continents, in over 100 countries. Its devices are manufactured in Poland. It designs, develops and manufactures its own products. It holds more than 30 patents and 150 industrial designs. From concept to execution, from design to hardware.


What is Fibaro Smart Home?


FIBARO smart home system is designed to control lighting, heating, alarms, shutters, doors, windows, irrigation systems and many other systems.


FIBARO system allows you to monitor your home and issue commands from anywhere in the world – simply by using a smartphone with Internet access.


FIBARO smart home system offers wireless control of any device in your home or apartment.


In FIBARO system, individual devices communicate with each other. The control unit, sensors and miniature modules help to manage the most important home functions.


FIBARO system is managed via applications for mobile devices working on iOS and Android.

How Does Fibaro System Work?

  • FIBARO system is based on Z-Wave radio protocol, which operates radio communication on the frequency of 868MHz.
  • Using Z-Wave network, devices communicate with the control unit and with each other.
  • Communication between devices in FIBARO system is based on a mesh network – each element of the system is both transmitter and receiver.
  • CONFIGURATION INTERFACE – Any change in the system is made through the interface, accessible from a web browser. Each member of the household can have its own account with individually defined control rights. The system interface is used for adding and deleting Z- Wave devices and for defining sections and scenes.

Advantages of Fibaro System

Simple Installation

The system does not require any wires, so it is not permanently connected to the home infrastructure.


FIBARO is an open system. It allows user to integrate various external devices.

Polish Product

FIBARO system is produced in Poland. From concept to execution, from design to hardware.


FIBARO system may be easily extended at any time. At any time, the user may add new elements and define more functionalities.


FIBARO devices are designed with attention to detail, which is confirmed by many prestigious awards. They are high-quality and reliable products.


In FIBARO system, the access to the home and data of users are protected. The latest and most reliable systems are used for encrypting the communication and passwords.

Remote Access

With FIBARO you are always close to your home. Applications for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android systems allow you to configure the system and control devices from anywhere in the world – you don’t have to be at home.

Customer Benefits


With the integration of all devices, FIBARO system provides the user a constant supervision and full control over the home from anywhere in the world. The system informs the user about any disturbing events.


The system offers the control of multiple home devices. With unlimited possibilities of FIBARO, you can create your own ‚scenes’ that trigger specific actions.


With power consumption measurement and automatic inactivation of individual devices, FIBARO gives you powerful support in a rational energy management.

Features of Fibaro System


About Fibaro

FIBARO system is designed for installation in any apartment, home or office, without interfering in its infrastructure object.

In order to design solutions fully adapted to the lifestyle of users, a dedicated supervisor from FIBARO will meet with the architect and the customer to present solutions based on the flat/house design and tailored to the capabilities and needs of the household members.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Features of Fibaro System


Elements of Fibaro Home Center Lite System


The control unit of FIBARO system, which communicates with the devices in the Z-Wave network. All of its functionalities are available through mobile apps and internet browsers. The control unit allows you to manage devices and to store relevant data in the cloud.

Preconfigured control unit does not require downloading any additional software. To start using it, proceed as follows:

  • Plug the power cord into the wall socket
  • Connect the Internet cable to the assigned slot
  • Carry out the necessary configuration.

The configuration of the system is performed via the configuration interface, accessible from a web browser.



Plug & Play Components Of Fibaro System

Other Devices

Actuators – Implementing Modules

Other Devices

Triggers – Scene Controllers

One System, Many Benefits


Your Benefits

Extended Scope of Services

More Attractive Offer

Increased Standard of your Projects

Good Response to the Market Demands

Increased Prestige of your Company

New Possibilities for Designing Functional Interiors

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