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Cloud based HUBs – Home automation

When using cloud-based jobs its a great cost-effective solution however thing to consider when using a cloud-based hub are: With this type of setup there is no physical switch connected to the controller, so if the internet supply fails or

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THE DANGERS OF VIR CABLES (Vulcanised Indian rubber)

VIR Cable deteriorating behind a light switch. When this happens, the copper in the cable can become exposed, leading to a potential risk of electric shock, fire or an immediate loss of power due to a short circuit rupturing the protective fuses. Initially, electrical

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Phillips Hue and Fibaro Z-Wave

If you want to go with the Phillips Hue option which allows you to change the colour temperature of each downlight; here is what you need to consider: We will need to replace the existing downlights for the Phillips hue

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Wired vs Wireless

Wireless systems are great for existing homes as there is no need to run cabling behind the walls, which can be a very expensive endeavour. These systems are also starting to integrate with WIFI networks, meaning that they are easily

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How to prepare for IOT

Solid Maintenance Contract: You need to feel protected from the increased risks that new technologies present, and that means having a maintenance program in place that provides you with valuable peace of mind. Leverage the IP: This may sound a

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How Home Automation Helps During Pandemic

Someone paid $500 for a pack of 32 toilet rolls? It’s true. It was on eBay. As COVID-19 continues to spread so too does the hysteria surrounding the virus and fears of long-term quarantine. Supermarkets around the country literally have

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